Elektra One Solar


update press release Luminati Aerospace (01.07.2016)

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Successful Alps crossing


Elektra One Solar flies as first electric-/solaraircraft over the alps.

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„SolarWorld e-One“


The SolarWorld e-One is the first close-to-production solar-electric airplane.

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the natural choice to support your engineering & certification requirements.


Core Competences

  • Engineering & Certification Process (TC and STC)
  • Software Development
  • Know-How Transfer — Certification Process
  • Certification Assessment

Electric- & Solar-Aircraft from PC-Aero
CO2 emission zero, without noise and low operating costs

We do not have to wait for new technologies, we need only to integrate current components (lightweight structures with high-quality aerodynamics, light and modern electric motors and batteries) in a optimized system. Our Elektra One is such a modern single-seat Ultralight Electric Aircraft in composite construction. With the Elektra One and the existing technology it is possible to fly electric without CO2-emission and without noise for over three hours. In addition, in comparison to a classic aircraft, the operating costs are much lower”, says Calin Gologan, developer of the Elektra One . “This is very interesting for flying clubs.”