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Elektra One Solar from PC-Aero/Germany:
Update Press-Release Luminati Aerospace

Many press releases and articles were published in the whole world relating the Aircraft flown by Luminati Aerospace LLC in NY named Substrata V0 and the Solar Electric airplane from PC-Aero/Elektra UAS named Elektra One Solar.

In order to avoid missunderstandings PC-Aero/Elektra UAS GmbH publish the following press release:

In October 2015 PC-Aero/Elektra UAS, the designer and manufacturer of the electric-solar airplane Elektra One Solar, and Luminati Aerospace signed a Manufacturing License Agreement for ONE UNIT aircraft based on the Elektra One Solar documentation provided by PC-Aero/Elektra UAS. PC-Aero/Elektra UAS also provided an ONE UNIT manufacturing license agreement to CarbonWacker GmbH for this aircraft. CarbonWacker GmbH is the longterm partner of PC-Aero/Elektra UAS for the manufacturing of all their Solar Electric Aircraft.

For the aircraft delivered to Luminati the following changes were done by PC-Aero: aileron span was increased, wing flaps were excluded, the rudder chord was slightly increased.

One of the goals of Luminati was to test with this aircraft their own concept of "wind-energy harvesting algorithms” in order to gain energy from wind turbulence. For this, Luminati and their "Dream Team " developed a unique autopilot system which was adapted to the aircraft. The aircraft was built under the control of PC-Aero / Elektra UAS and Luminati than finally tested in flight by PC-Aero in Germany with a German UL Registration (D-MELO).

Then the aircraft was delivered by PC-Aero to Luminati in NY. After delivery the aircraft was registered by Luminati in US in the experimental class and flown successfully by Luminati.

3. March 2016: Flight Test in Germany of the aircraft delivered to NY – Registered in Germany D-MELO
Norbert Lorenzen, one of the test pilots from PC-Aero (flight test of the aircraft before the delivery to NY).
Robert Lutz congratulates Calin Gologan, CEO from PC-Aero GmbH, after his first flight with an Elektra One Solar in Germany performed in Dec. 2015.
Robert Lutz, test pilot from Luminati – after his first flight with Elektra One Solar in Germany.

About PC-Aero GmbH

PC-Aero GmbH is specialized for the complete design, certification and prototyping of aircraft.

Since about 6 years the company started to design and build a family of solar-electric aircraft for leisure aviation. Elektra One, the one seat version, has flown since 2011. The last version of Elektra One, named Elektra One Solar, has a wing span of 13 m, a glide ratio of more than 30 and is equipped with solar cells on the wing surface as range extender. Elektra Two Solar, the two seat version, is now in the final assembly phase. The first flight will take place at the end of this year under the name of Solar Stratos, a record prototype ordered by the Swiss company SolarXplorers for manned stratospheric flight up 80000 ft. Elektra Two Trainer is a two seat side by side electric version used for pilot training.

About Elektra UAS GmbH

Official Spin-off from DLR (German Aerospace Center), Institute for Robotics and Mechatronic

Elektra UAS GmbH is a new high tech company, specialized on development of UAS and its applications as well as on providing services for industrial and research partners. Among others, Elektra UAS is responsible for all unmanned + optional pilot versions of the Elektra family designed by PC-Aero GmbH.

One of the goals of Elektra UAS is to integrate advanced robotic technologies in very light but robust and efficient stratospheric solar-electric aircraft.

Elektra UAS provides the complete UAS system:

  • aircraft, autopilot, data link, ground station
  • own applications, like high-resolution 3D mapping,
  • R&D and operational services for custom projects.

A Joint Venture Agreement defines the very close cooperations of both companies.

A merge of the two companies (PC-Aero and Elektra UAS) will be soon finalized.

The merged new company will continue to act as a spin-off from DLR Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics (one of leading DLR institutes, founded and leaded for more than 20 years by our shareholder, Prof. Hirzinger. Dr. Kondak, another shareholder of our company, is leading in this institute the Flying Robots group) and will be extended to a Technology Center for new technologies and products based on latest achievements in aerospace, engineering and computer sciences. One of the main focuses of it will be the development of leading edge solar-electric aircrafts. We develop, produce, certify and license this future technology.


Calin Gologan
CEO Elektra UAS GmbH & PC-Aero GmbH 

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