Pretty Flight - the ideal Ultralight Aircraft

  • all metal aircraft
  • high cruising speed
  • good stall characteristics
  • robust and attractive design
  • folding wings
  • reliable ROTAX 912UL four stroke engine or Walter Mikron IIIB
  • large cabin (1.16 m width accommodating 2m pilots)
  • good allround visibility
  • adjustable seats (option)
  • aeronautical materials and standards

Pretty Flight - Flight Characteristics

The flight tests demonstrated very good flight characteristics:

  • start in less than 150 m (one person)
  • climb rate more than 1000 ft/min (one pilot)
  • very good directional control during taxying
  • the brakes are not needed at start to control the direction
  • at landing the brakes are needed only during the last meters
  • very comfortable taxying due to the elastic landing gear (main and nose)
  • very good static and dynamic stability
  • demonstrated cruising speed with less than 75% power: 185 km/h
  • cruising speed with less than 40% power: 160 km/h (11 l /hour)
  • normal pilot forces
  • the special GAW profile demonstrated it's very good "Low Speed" and safe characteristics: tested limit speed 62 km/h

Pretty Flight - Design Concept

  • low cost
  • robust
  • economic
  • safe
  • good looking
  • easy to fly, maintain and transport
  • comfortable aircraft
  • high cruising speed

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